Ketogenic Diet
& Weight Loss

The Keto diet forces the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates for energy.  In contrast, when your not fat adapted, the carbohydrates you eat are converted into glucose in the body,  which is used for energy throughout the body and brain.

Rather than using carbs as energy, a fat adapted person has a back-up system which burns fat for fuel instead of glucose.  

As a result, the liver can use stored fat and the fat you eat for energy.  Stored fat is broken into two parts, fatty acids, and ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies power the brain instead of glucose. Hence this state of having a lot of ketone bodies in your blood is called “Ketosis.”

The result of being in Ketosis:

  • Clear Mind
  • Increased Focus 
  • Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Disease Prevention

What is a Keto Diet and how doe Ketosis work?

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