Keto Bars
Keto Bars

High Fat

Healthy Fats:
Cacao Butter
Macadamia Nuts
MCT Powder

Low Carb

1 Carb per Serving!

Moderate Protein

Vegan Pea Protein! Dairy Free!

900 Calories

Large Size:
Keto Meal

Keto Protein Bars
Keto Buttercups

225 Calories

Small Size:
Keto Snack

Keto Fat Bars
Keto Buttercups

Keto On The GO

We created these keto bars simply because we wanted to have our own Keto replacement meal for those crazy, busy days. The macros for these Keto Buttercups are Keto friendly: 75% Fat, 24% Protein, 1% Carbs. This makes it easy to stay Keto when travelling!


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