High Fat

Healthy Fats:
Cacao Butter
MCT Powder

Keto Snack
Mixing All Natural Ingredients

Low Carb

0.2 Net Carbs per Buttercup!
Sugar Free!
Gluten Free!
Sweetened with Stevia and Monk Fruit.

Fresh Batch of Keto Buttercups!

Moderate Protein

Vegan Pea Protein!
No Preservatives
All Natural Ingredients
Keto Meal / Snack

Keto Buttercups for You!

156 Calories (25g)

Keto Meal / Snack
Very Shelf Stable!

Fat Bombs
Keto Buttercups

Keto On The GO

We created these keto bars simply because we wanted to have our own Keto replacement meal for those crazy, busy days. The macros for these Keto Buttercups are Keto friendly: Fat 13.6g , Protein 7.6g, 0.2 Net Carbs. This makes it easy to stay Keto when travelling!

Keto Fat Bomb
Making Your Fresh Buttercups!

Chocolate Mocha Buttercups!

5 5 1
Damn the buttercups are good! Tasty chocolate and coffee flav! I'll be back for more once they launch! 🙂

Great fatbombs!

5 5 1
Wow! Really love these cups! Very delicious and pair very well with coffee or tea. Can't wait till I can purchase some!

Better than expected

5 5 1
Very tasty, grateful was able to receive a sample.. been looking for fat bombs locally and I'm thrilled these will be out soon.. thank you!


5 5 1
Very impatiently waiting for these to launch! The sample I had was so darn good, I can't wait!

Right to your door!

Available in Canada only at the moment.


For any inquiries please email


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