nutritious Keto snack on display next to our buttercup molds

High Fat

Healthy Fats
Cacao Butter
MCT Powder
Healthy Keto Snack

Colin mixing cacoa butter and vanilla powder
Mixing All Natural Ingredients

Low Carb

0.2 Net Carbs per Buttercup!
Sugar Free!
Gluten Free!
Sweetened with Stevia and Monk Fruit.

healthful Keto goodies ready to be packaged and sold online
Fresh Batch of Keto Buttercups!

Moderate Protein

Vegan Pea Protein!
No Preservatives
All Natural Ingredients
Keto Meal / Snack

robust Keto bite treats on a plate next to molds
Keto Buttercups for You!

160 Calories (25g)

Keto Meal / Snack
Very Shelf Stable!

wholesome Keto Buttercups on display next to colourful molds
Keto Buttercups: A Healthy Keto Snack

What is a Keto Buttercup?

The Buttercups are a similar size to a reese peanut butter cup without all of the sugar and processed junk.

The macros for a single Buttercup consist of only 0.2 net carbs, 13.6g of fat and 7.6g of protein therefore, a Ketogenic person can easily stay in Ketosis when indulging in a Keto Buttercup.

Above all, the buttercups are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and fit the perfect macros of a Keto diet.

Is there processed junk in a Keto Buttercup?

With all natural ingredients and no preservatives, you never have to worry about getting an upset stomach.

Therefore, these Keto buttercups are perfect if you need something sweet but want to stay away from processed crap and the evil villain known as SUGAR!

 Why purchase a Keto Buttercup?

We created the Keto Buttercup because we wanted to have our own healthy Keto snack.  It was extremely important to create an ultra low carb meal replacement and/or snack.

Since we travel quite frequently for work, it is super important to be able to take an easy Keto snack on the go.

“curb your sweet tooth and make you feel like you are indulging”

The health-giving clean ingredients used in the buttercup will make for a worry free trip as there is nothing in the buttercup that will spoil nor does it need to be refrigerated.

It also is an extremely convenient healthy option when you’ve had a long day and don’t feel like cooking a meal.

Should you have room after a meal, the Keto buttercup can also be a desert as it can curb your sweet tooth and make you feel like you are indulging. It really is a sweet Keto snack.

“vegan, dairy free and gluten free, the shelf life is a whopping one year”

There are absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavours in the Keto Buttercup.

Due to the fact that it is vegan, dairy free and gluten free, the shelf life is a whopping one year. The lengthy shelf life makes it worry free however, they will not last a full year without being eaten up.

“healthiest Keto products available on the market today”

As a result of keeping both health and flavour at the top of our priority list, we now have one of the healthiest Keto products available on the market today.

What are the healthy ingredients and benefits?


The main ingredient is pure, natural, unrefined, food-grade Cacoa butter which is premium quality with no additives.

Cacoa butter is packed full of antioxidants, which helps clear free radicals that could otherwise inflict damage to your health.

Furthermore, the shelf life of cocoa butter is several years (upward of five), which is often unheard of for natural butters and oils.


“Stevia has no major side effects and has a myriad of health benefits”

100% natural high grade Stevia is another important ingredient in our healthy Keto Buttercups.

This high quality natural Stevia is much healthier than artificial sweeteners like erythritol, malitol, xylitol and sugar alcohols.  While these sweeteners are great for those following a ketogenic diet, some people do suffer with some stomach issues.

Stevia has no major side effects and has a myriad of health benefits when compared to xylitol and erythritol.

The benefits include but are not limited to diabetes management, weight loss, skin care, regulating blood pressure and there is antioxidant compound that aids in preventing cancer and many more.


We chose to use Saigon Cinnamon in the buttercup which is a high quality premium cinnamon.

The benefits include aiding in reducing blood sugar levels, triglycerides and leveling out cholesterol.

An organic unrefined virgin coconut oil was chosen as it is an excellent source of saturated fat and lauric acid.

It has been shown that the beneficial fats of coconut oil help stimulate the activity and proper function of the thyroid gland.

“improve digestion and is a great support of the immune system”

It also can help improve digestion and is a great support of the immune system along with a wide variety of health benefits.


Brown rice protein powder contains all the essential amino acids which is required by the body.

It doesn’t contain allergens that is typically found in whey, soy or even eggs.

Brown rice protein powder is easily digested and doesn’t cause gas, bloating, cramping and digestive discomfort like the whey and soy protein powders do.


MCT Powder is rapidly absorbed by the body due to the immediate, available energy source and crosses the blood brain barrier almost instantly.

“aiding in gut health, immune function, healthy weight loss, improved brain function”

Furthermore, MCTs are a very healthy fat because they act as natural antibiotics while aiding in gut health, immune function, healthy weight loss, improved brain function, exercise, disease prevention and much more.


Pure bourbon vanilla bean powder benefits include the ability to treat acne, improve hair growth, speed up healing, reduces inflammation, prevent chronic disease and protect the heart.

It is rich in anti-oxidants which can prevent breakdown of cells and tissues within the body and stimulate the bodys natural capability of regrowth.


Natural unsweetened extra dark swiss cocoa powder helps reduce high blood pressure.

“Cacoa powder lowers risks of heart attack, stroke, improves blood flow to the brain and increases brain function. It improves blood cholesterol and surgar levels.”

Additionally,  cacoa powder is anti-inflammatory, can improve mood, symptoms of depression and may have cancer protective properties.

Please see the Keto Buttercup nutrition facts table for exact macros and ingredients.

Where can you buy?

Our Keto Buttercups can be purchased on our website in a variety of different packages.

We now offer a 6, 12, 18 and 24 pack of Buttercups on our online store with shipping right to your door.

At this time we are only available in Canada as we are working very diligently to expand to the US and other countries.

Keto On The GO

First of all, this heathy Keto snack is very helpful when travelling as food options on the road/airport can be pretty rough and not very Keto friendly.

Furthermore, these Keto Buttercups are also great if you just need a replacement meal for those crazy busy days. Finally, the macros for these Keto Buttercups are certainly Keto friendly:

Fat 13.6g , Protein 7.6g, 0.2 Net Carbs.

Consequently, this makes it easy to stay Keto when travelling. Pick up your healthy Keto snack today!

Colin and Tom mixing all natural ingredients to make Keto Buttercups
Making Your Fresh Buttercups!

More Benefits of MCT Powder:

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Instant Brain Energy Boost
  • Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
  • Balance Hormones
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar
  • Help Manage Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease and Autism

Chocolate Mocha Buttercups!

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Damn the buttercups are good! Tasty chocolate and coffee flav! I'll be back for more once they launch! 🙂

Great fatbombs!

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Wow! Really love these cups! Very delicious and pair very well with coffee or tea. Can't wait till I can purchase some!

Better than expected

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Very tasty, grateful was able to receive a sample.. been looking for fat bombs locally and I'm thrilled these will be out soon.. thank you!


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Very impatiently waiting for these to launch! The sample I had was so darn good, I can't wait!

Keto Gold

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These are great in so many ways: a little pick-me-up on the road; bring one along as a nice little restaurant steak- chaser. Thanks!!

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